The Nutritive Value of Eggs

D. Ştef, M. Drugă, Lavinia Ştef, Mărioara Drugă, G. Bujancă
The purpose of this paper was to establish the nutritive value of eggs sold on the market. Samples were taken both from stores and market from Timisoara town. For nutritive value appreciation was used the calculate methodology establish by the (Segal and col. 1983). This method consists in nutritive value appreciation according with the following component: protein, lipids, sugars, Ca, P, Fe and the vitamins – A, B1, B2 and C. The results of the laboratory determinations are presented in extension in this paper. For the integral egg (without the shell) the nutritive value (NV10) was 12,30, for the glair – 3.73 and for the yolk – 18.35. For comparison are presented some data from our previous researches: milk – NV10 = 3.53 for the milk with 1.8% fat and 5.27 for the milk with 4.03% fat; Telemea cheese - NV10 = 9.31.
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