The Influence of the Nutraceutic Preparate on Some Properties of the Bread

Diana Raba, Viorica Mirela Ghiulai, I. Jianu, A. Rinovetz
In this paper are presented the influence of the nutraceutic preparates on the nutritional and sensorial properties of the bread. In the same time, it intended to evidence the way that it’s use in the technological process leads to modifying some of the most important technological parameters. In order to do this, there have been analyzed 8 samples, four of them being products that have been added with 0.75%, 1.5% and, respectively, 2% nutraceutic preparate, one witness sample that has not been improved, and in three samples we used an usual improver. It also has determined the contents of microelements in the nutraceutic preparate.
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