The Hygienisation Efficiency Control in a Fish Processing Factory from Timişoara

Mărioara Drugă, Corina-Dana Mişcă, M. Drugă, Nicoleta-Gabriela Hădărugă, Camelia Clep, Mihaela Man
To check hygienisation efficiency, according to legal acts it was sampled: sanitation samples from walls, floors, work desks, work board, knives, transport containers, spawn containers, protection equipment and workers hands. Samples proceeding were made in microbiological laboratory. It was determined units colonies forming (UFC) and coliforms using the methods describes in STAS 12922/4-91 and 12922/2-91. It was observed microbial contamination of some examination surfaces/tools before and after hygienisation operation, probably due by lack of some utilities and bad management in hygienisation operations.
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