The Consequences of Chronic Aluminum Sulfate Intake on Some Biochemical Parameters in Rats

Mărioara Drugă, Alexandra Trif, M. Drugă, D. Ştef, Camelia Clep
To evaluate the consequences of chronic aluminum sulfate intake in some biochemical parameters (plasmatic proteins, albumens, globulins, urea and creatinins) in rats, 28 white Wistar rats was divided in three experimental groups (E1, E2, E3) and in one control group (C) to which aluminum sulfate was administered in water during six month as follows: E1 – 200 ppb; E2: 400 ppb; E3 1000 ppb and C: tape water 50-70 ppb aluminum. Chronic aluminum sulfate in drinking water determined in rats significant decrease of total proteins and albumens comparative to C group, indirectly related to aluminum intake; significant increase of globulins in E1 and E2 groups and significant decrease in E3 comparative to C group; significant uremia and creatinemia increase in E groups comparative to C group (excepting creatinine in E1 and E3 groups).
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