Structure Correlations – Colloidal Properties among Some “Homogenous” Polyethylene Glycols (n = 3-18) Derivated with Aroma Radicals as Possible Additivation Systems

C. Rujescu, Ileana Negrea, Cristina Tuchilă, C. Jianu, I. Jianu
The “homogenous” polyoxyethylen chains (POE) (n = 3-18) diversely split, as hydrophilic parts of a large series of additivation structures, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, agro-alimentary, represent „instruments” of controlled monitorization of HLB value because of the strictly quantified olygomerization degree, allowing fascinating colloidal performances (emulsifying, dispersion, micellar solubility, foaming / antifoaming, wetting / etallation, antistatic properties etc.). The knowing and the correlated interpretation of these in the ensemble structure – superficial active (colloidal) characteristics is a potential instrument of GMP controlled agro-alimentary processing. The limited (reduced) toxicity (”n0 effective level”) corroborated with the actual demanding regarding the alimentary security have encouraged the research of some characteristics in the “homogenous” polyoxyethylenic (POE) structures (n = 3-18) diversely split.
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