Mathematic Evaluation of the Micellar Critical Concentration Correlated to Some Alimentary Additive Parameters

C. Rujescu, Cristina Tuchilă, C. Jianu, Ileana Negrea, I. Jianu
This work proposes to mathematically solve (express) a modality of exactly quantifying the σ - CCM coordinates for a general given case, as an integrant part of the preoccupations of the discipline Alimentary Additives, which intends to subsequently correlate these values with doses of additivation daily admitted or maximum recommended by the alimentary Codex for structures of alimentary additivation with superficial-active properties. The proposed and in the current practice generally accepted graphical methods offer preliminary guiding dates which also imply imperfections because of the large family of straight lines to the graphic of the function σ = f (conc.), without being able to exactly specify the position (coordinates) of the real point. The graphic method does not return a unique point, but an infinity of points dependent on the way the straight lines to the variation curve σ = f (conc.) is graphically constructed.
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