Experimental Studies Regarding the Bacterial Metabolism of Sugars

S. Palcu, I. Popescu
In this paperwork was studied the metabolism of sugars like glucose, lactose and sucrose through various microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, molds). Both oxidative and fermentative metabolism of the sugars for the studied microorganisms will be evaluated by using an adequate culture base. In concordance with the type of sugar that is available for the metabolism, the selected microorganisms will transform the sugars by various means of metabolism (glycolysis, pentoso-phosphate cycle, alcoholic fermentation, acetic fermentation, lactic fermentation, etc.). The metabolic path used by a certain microorganism will be determined by analyzing the final metabolic products (acids, CO2, aldehydes, etc.) by the evolution of each microorganism and by the reaction of the initial and final culture base.
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