Sensory and physicochemical characterization of a homemade raspberry jelly


Corina I. Megyesi, Ariana B. Velciov, Gabriel Bujancă, Nicoleta G. Hădărugă, Laura Rădulescu, Cristina Mitroi, Alexndru Erne Rinovetz, Despina Bordean, Adrian Riviș


Volume 29, Issue 3;
Pages: 203-208; 2023
ISSN: 2069-0053 (print), Agroprint;
ISSN (online): 2068-9551


The aim of the paper was to create an authentic food - raspberry jelly, and to characterize it from a sensory and physicochemical point of view. Thus, we decide to obtain a food as natural as possible, with special nutritional qualities due to the reach content of nutrients from raspberries. Without the addition of preservatives or other chemical additives, a "jelly" type product was created, made of raspberry, which is a rich source of valuable vitamins (A, D, C, E, B3, B2, B6), minerals (K, Mn, Cu, Fe, Mg) and helps to reduce the risk of illness, obesity and diabetes.

2 types of jelly were obtained (raspberry jelly with raw sugar and raspberry jelly with stevia sugar), which were subsequently analyzed from sensory and physicochemical point of view. After the analyzes carried out, it was found that the raspberry jelly obtained with the addition of stevia sugar was more appreciated than the jelly obtained with raw sugar, both due to the appearance and color, but also due to the consistency of the finite product. Regarding the physicochemical analyzes performed (determination of total acidity, sugar content and refractive index) for the 2 samples of raspberry jelly, higher values were obtained in the case of raspberry jelly with stevia sugar, for all 3 monitored characteristics.

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