Obtaining and characterization of some sugar-free red beet and apple jellies


Sebastian Orbulescu, Andrei Serban, Camelia Moldovan, Nicoleta-Gabriela Hadaruga, Diana-Nicoleta Raba, Viorica-Mirela Popa, Corina-Dana Misca, Delia-Gabriela Dumbrava


Volume 29, Issue 2;
Pages: 127-132; 2023
ISSN: 2069-0053 (print), Agroprint;
ISSN (online): 2068-9551


Making sugar-free jellies is a way to diversify and meet the demands of the consumer market, which is increasingly looking for quality products, especially with a high nutrient content and lower caloric value, whether for aesthetic, physiological reasons or health restrictions. Fruit jellies prepared with natural sweeteners with low or zero calories are healthier and can also be consumed by people suffering from diabetes as they do not affect blood sugar levels. A first objective of this work was to obtain innovative assortments of natural, vegan, sugar-free, agar-agar gelled jellies in four variants: apple juice jelly, plain (AJ1) and with added cinnamon essential oil (AJ2), respectively red beet juice and apple juice jelly, plain (RBAJ1) and with added tangerine essential oil (RBAJ2). The second objective of the work was the analysis of apple juice, red beet juice and finished products in terms of total polyphenol content and antioxidant activity, and the analysis of proximate composition, energy value and organoleptic characteristics of the finished products. Red beet juice was richer in total polyphenols and had stronger antioxidant activity (9.07±0.15 mg gallic acid/g, respectively RSA=48.82±0.32% for 1:1000 dilution) than apple juice (4.82±0.04 mg gallic acid/g, respectively RSA=44.64±0.28% for 1:1000 dilution). Also RBAJ1 and RBAJ2 had a higher amount of total polyphenols and higher antioxidant activity than AJ1 and AJ2; within the same category of jelly, those with added essential oil were richer in total polyphenols and with better antioxidant action. Organoleptic analysis using the 5-point hedonic scoring scale method resulted in scores above 4 on all sensory characteristics for both categories of jellies.

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