The effects of glucose from natural apple juices versus industrial on the diabetic diets


Steluta Radu*, Alexandru Luchian, Georgiana Botezatu

Volume 28, Issue 3;
Pages: 214-217; 2022
ISSN: 2069-0053 (print) (former ISSN: 1453-1399), Agroprint;
ISSN (online): 2068-9551


This experiment aimed to highlight the nutritional characteristics of apple juices obtained from organic apple varieties - the apple variety Auriu de Bistrita, Pionier, Starkinson, Romus I, Idared, Florina, as well as the characteristics of industrially obtained apple juices Santal, Ana are, Hortex, Mellow Drinks, Fresco Jugo. Through this comparative study, it was found that the apple juice obtained by pressing apples had a soluble dry matter content of 10-14.2%, as follows: Auriu de Bistrita apple juice -14.1%, Pionier apple juice 14.2%, Starkinson apple juice 13.4%, Romus I apple juice 12.4%, and Idared apple juice 10%. In the apple juices obtained by manufacturing, the dry substance content was: 15.2% for Ana are apple juice, 14.1% for Santal juice, 11.6% for Ana are juice, 9.7% for Hortex juice, 11% for Mellow juice Drinks, 11.6% at Fresco Jungo. Through the comparative analysis of natural apple juices compared to industrial ones, it was found that natural apple juices obtained from apple varieties had a high glucose level of 23.3-30.5 mg/100 g, which recommends them to be consumed as juices with slow metabolism of glucose. In the case of juices obtained by reconstitution of concentrated juice, i.e. industrial juices, it is observed that two of them, Santal -1.6 mg/100 g and Ana are -5.76 mg/100 g had an unexpectedly low level of glucose, their sweetening being done with sweeteners, i.e. a falsification of the sweet taste. The glucose level of natural juices was the highest, even higher than the glucose level of industrially obtained juices. So it the research tracked the glycaemic index of natural juices versus the GI glycaemic index of industrial juices to recommend juices for their nutritional effects.

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