Valorisation of hybrid grape variety into processing of red sparkling wine

Teodora Emilia Coldea, Elena Mudura, Anca Fărcaș, Lorena Marc

Volume 22, Issue 4;
Pages: 282-285; 2016
ISSN: 2069-0053 (print) (former ISSN: 1453-1399), Agroprint;
ISSN (online): 2068-9551
Red sparkling wine was obtained in the Winery pilot plant of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology within UASMV Cluj-Napoca. The base wine has been produced from a hybrid grape variety and one local grape variety – Fetească neagră. The technology used for obtaining the product has been adapted by the méthode champenoise - natural fermentation in bottle. Research focused the obtaining of a value added product derived after the blending of a hybrid red grape variety must with Feteasca neagra grape must. Quality assessment has been carried out on the entire technological flow, through monitoring of the fermentative process, completing the assessment of the quality of the sparkling wine. It was established a way of valorising the hybrid grape must – having low alcohol content, unsuitable for quality wine making - into a value added product, still keeping the local character.
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