Current approaches regarding analysis and assessment of risks associated with aflatoxin contamination: Review

Otto Ketney, Ovidiu Tita, Anca Tifrea

Volume 20, Issue 3;
Pages: 275-281;
ISSN: 2069-0053 (print) (former ISSN: 1453-1399), Agroprint;
ISSN (online): 2068-9551
In the view of fulfilling the general goal of achieving a high level of protection of human life and health, food law regarding food safety is based on risk management and risk analysis, except for the cases when the situation is not appropriate to the circumstances. Safety management can be realised by using various different approaches. The lack, at global level, of precise and coherent information regarding chemical contaminants and the toxins existent in the food chain gave an exact epidemiologic estimate exactly in regards to the food poisonings caused by the contaminants in food products. Taking into consideration that the intrinsic toxicological properties of chemical substances cannot be changed, the political regulations are often compromised by the analytical detection limits, and/or even by the commercial relations between countries. Even though laws in more countries have established official methods for detecting a great number of food contaminants, there are a lot of contaminants still developing, that are not yet taken into consideration.
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