D-(-)-Quinic acid: an efficient physiological metal ion ligand

Melita Menelaou, C. Mateescu, A. Salifoglou

Volume 17, Issue 4;
Pages: 344-347;
ISSN: 2069-0053 (print) (former: ISSN:1453-1399), Agroprint;
ISSN (online):2068 – 9551
The in-depth investigation of the pH-dependent synthesis between a (hydroxyl)carboxylate ligand (D-(-)- quinic acid) and transition divalent and/or trivalent metal ions (M(II,III)) led to the isolation and characterization of new binary compounds in the solid state and in solution. The new M(II,III)- (hydroxy)carboxylate species were synthesized in aqueous solution under various molar ratios and different bases. The compounds were characterized by elemental analysis, spectroscopic techniques (FT-IR, UVVis, EPR), magnetic studies, and X-ray crystallography. Potentiometric titrations were also carried out in order to investigate the species distribution as a function of pH. Each new species was shown to contain M(II,III) ions in an octahedral environment. The physicochemical profiles of all species, in the solid state and in solution, earmark the importance of aqueous structural speciation, and project a) chemical reactivity pathways in each binary M(II,III)-quinate system, involving various soluble M(II,III) forms, and b) clearly emphasize the versatile nature of quinic acid.
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