The evolution of sensorial characteristics of meat on vacuum packaging

Gabriela Pop, Amelia Buculei

Volume 16, Issue 1;
Pages: 49-53;
ISSN:1453-1399, Agroprint;
ISSN (online):2068 – 9551
The evolution of the sensory characteristics is influenced by the preservation technology used in strong connection with the changes of physical, chemical, biochemical and microbiological nature that take place during the processing and preservation of the food product. In our experiments, we compare the sensory characteristics of meat in various conditions of packaging, storage time and temperatures. Comparatively with the meat preserved in classic refrigeration conditions the vacuum packaging presented more advantages regarding the sensory qualities. During the entire storage in refrigerating conditions the vacuum packed meat maintained its faded-pink color, a fresh smell and an acceptable appearance and consistence. In order to evaluate the vacuum storage efficiency it was determined the evolution of the surface microbiological loading before and after the storage, unpacked and vacuum packed.
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