Formulation and quality evaluation of some hydrogels containing piroxicam 1% or meloxicam 0,5%

Lenuţa - Maria Miclea, Lavinia Vlaia, V. Vlaia, C. Mircioiu

Volume 16, Issue 1;
Pages: 7-12-6;
ISSN:1453-1399, Agroprint;
ISSN (online):2068 – 9551
The aim of the present work was the formulation, preparation and quality control of hydrogels containing piroxicam 1% and meloxicam 0,5% respectively, used for topical application with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
. As substances which are slightly soluble in water, piroxicam and meloxicam were solubilised in the hydrogel vehicle either by cosolvation (using polyethylene glycol 400 mixed with ethanol or glycerol as cosolvents) or by complexation with cyclodextrins (β-cyclodextrin and 2OH-β-cyclodextrin).

The quality control of the obtained hydrogels included: the examination of macroscopic characteristics (appearance, consistency, homogeneity, smell, tactile features), the pH determination and the rheological analysis (determination of flow behaviour and viscosity, as well as determination of consistency).

The quality control of hydrogels with piroxicam 1% or meloxicam 0.5% shows that the presence of these solubilisants in the formulations under study does not affect the characteristics of the preparations, which followed the requirements of the pharmacopoeia.
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