Experimental model for the application of the flour-graphic technique to the study of the mixture of flour and raw potato, or hydro thermally processed potato

Maria Lidia Iancu, Luiza Mike, Günter Haubelt

Volume 16, Issue 1;
Pages: 41-48;
ISSN:1453-1399, Agroprint;
ISSN (online):2068 – 9551
It is thought the mixture of wheat flour and crushed potato pulp, hydro thermally processed or not ,can be studied rheologically. Plotting the curves of rheological test allows the choice of the model that best fits the properties of the material tested. The first step of the present study was to establish the moisture content of the mixture, the amount of mixture required and the amount of flour and potato pulp corresponding to the selected proportions. Three types flour were used, displaying five different characteristics: white flour, additivated white flour, brown flour, additivated brown flour and durum wheat flour, as well as five types of potatoes: Laura, Impala, Lady Claire, Lady Christl and Orchestra. All the results were related to a control sample and four readings were proposed 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%.Viscosity of the mixture is affected by its moisture content.The flour-graphic technique is used to study the behavior of flour in the presence of the various additives. The first step is to study the factors that influence the moisture content of the mixture. These factors are the moisture content of the raw materials that combine and the chosen readings. The higher the moisture content of the component elements, or at least of one of the components, namely the potato, the higher the moisture content of the whole mixture. The higher the percentage by which the flour is replaced (specific reading) the higher the moisture content of the mixture. The higher the moisture content of the mixture, the higher its mass; the amount of flour, regardless of type and characteristics, is lower, while the amount of potato is higher, regardless of variety and degree of hydrothermal processing.
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