The peroxyde index evolution of some nonrefined maize and sunflower oils, under the influence of storage conditions

Marcel Avramiuc
This work tries to evidence, comparatively, the evolution of the peroxyde index of some maize and sunflower nonrefined oil samples stored under certain conditions (temperature, light, addition of carroten) during 60 days. The material for experiment was represented by raw oil samples, whose peroxyde index has been determined at once after processing, as well as at 5, 30 and 60 days of keeping at +4ºC (in dark) and at +20-22ºC (in dark and light). Beside thermal and lighting regime, in some oil samples has been also used an addition of carroten (10% carrot fresh juice) to evidence if these provitamins have an antioxydant role within these experimental conditions. The analyse of peroxyde index values in samples stored 5, 30 şi 60 days has evidenced that in the both types of raw oils the index value was higher in samples kept in light conditions, beside those ones kept in dark conditions. Between samples with carroten addition have been certain differences. Thus, the samples stored in dark have registered less values of this index as compared to samples exposed to light. After 30 days of storage to +20-22C, the peroxyde index has registered higher values in maize raw oil, but after 60 days its values have been higher in sunflower, mainly in samples stored in light conditions and with carroten addition.
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