Inter Protein profile evaluation for some wheat species, food adulteration identification posibilities

Diana Nicoleta Raba, V. Tabără, Ghe. Mencinicopschic, I. Jianu
This paper prezent a potential metod of wheat adulteration determination, which has applicability for the identification of Triticum durum and Triticum spelta wheat species adulterated with Triticum aestivum. For this reason, were subjected to SPS PAGE electrophoresis 6 samples of those three wheat species, and their corresponding flours. The applied methodology is: an comparative study sharp bands of glutenin of those wheat species: T. aestivum, T. durum, and T. spelta, and their flours. From point of view of glutenin subunits distributions of studied species was concluded that T. aestivum and T. durum varieties are quite similar, and some differences were observed to T. spelta.
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