Influence of chlorophyll content from onion (Allium cepa) after selenium and zinc adding

Camelia Moldovan, I. Ianculov, Nicoleta G. Hădărugă, Delia Dumbravă, E. Crăiniceanu, Mărioara Drugă, Liana Alda, G.Z. Moldovan
In The aim of this work we present an original method to increase chlorophyll content in onion plants by supplementation of zinc and selenium in doses 50 respective 100 ppm. Amazing results was observed in case of adding selenium, were total chlorophyll content was increase significant in comparison to control plants. The level of chlorophyll a was 37.1013 respective 37.3812 mg/L and chlorophyll b – 21.4501 respective30.047 mg/L. . Zinc adding leaded to increase chlorophyll content, too. Thus, chlorophyll a was 20.1154 respective 36.5877mg/L and chlorophyll b 7.6691 respective 21.4501 mg/L.
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