Dietary floury aliments enriched with iron

Ersilia Alexa, Victorita Daniela Voica, Daniela Stoin, Mariana Poiana, Ileana Cocan
Iron fortifying products are designated for peoples with special alimentary needs, especially for old people and babies. So, an important role it has chemical composition of fortifying products, so that to satisfy the protein, lipid and carbohydrates need of these people categories.

In this study we have been realized 3 types of flours fortifying with iron, using: semolina, lentil and apricots. The 3 types of flour were: flour with semolina and dry apricots in different concentrations, flour with semolina and lentil in different proportions, flour with semolina (70%), dry apricots (15%) and lentil (15%). Has been determined the humidity, mineral substances (ash), protein content and iron of these flours.
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