Are diet food products really diet?

Mirela Ahmadi, Ariana-Bianca Velciov, Mihaela Scurtu, Teymoor Ahmadi
Diet products are consumed usually by people with health problem or people who want to loose weight. But, in Romania “the old known diet products” are not diet anymore. We tested some chicken hot-dogs from different Romanian producers and we was surprised to find the fat and salt content. On the other hand, hot-dog are accepted in consume for allergic people by physicians, and smoked food products are forbidden. But Romanian actual hot-dogs are smoked products, so has to be forbidden in allergic people consume. Fat and sodium content of Romanian hot-dogs exceed the limit establish for “diet products”. This fact imposes a new list with “diet food” based by test of Romanian products from the market and a good cooperation between the nutritionists and physicians.
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