The influence of the maceration temperature on extraction process of terpens compounds in flavoured wines technology

Felicia Stoica, Camelia Muntean, L .Giurgiulescu
The wines obtained by flavoured and part-flavoured kind of grapes are representative through their sensorial characteristics. At this point of view, the young wines are defined by some sensorial characteristics like freshness, fructuous, intense and persistence flavoured.

All this kind of grapes contain the same elements of flavour with localization in the grapes peel, the difference between the intensity and the quality of the flavour is explicative by the different proportion of the terpenic compounds.

The obtain of the high quality flavored wines, with typical attribute require the presence of an important technological desideratum in the process of wines elaboration and also, using of certain flavour conservation and stabilization methods.

The extraction of the compounds which characterized the varietals flavour (free terpens) and their release by glicozidic precursors can be realized by different prefermentative process like the maceration and specially the maceration temperature.
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