The influence of starch addition on the quality of sour milk obtained with a probiotic culture

Georgiana Gabriela Codina, Ana
The research carried on in the lab phase aimed to establish the opportunities and the conditions of using starch as a thickening agent to prodce sour milk. Therefore, experiments have been carried out regarding the influence of starch addition in doses of 3%, 5%, 7% and 10% on the rheological, physical-chemical, microbiological and sensorial properties of sour milk obtained with a starter culture of probiotic bacteria of Bifidobacterium infantis and Lactobacillus acidophilus. The rheological experiments have been carried out with the help of a capillary viscometer and the rheological and microbiological behavior of the analysed samples has been evaluated both through classic methods and with the help of automatic devices such as EcoMilk, Solaris. This research was carried out throughout the technological process and on the final products, the best results being registered for a dosis of 3% starch added during processing.
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