Researches on maintaining functionality in the storage of probiotic dairy product – Afinolact

Gabriel Dănuţ Mocanu, Gabriela Rotaru, Aida Vasile, Elisabeta Botez, Doina Georgeta Andronoiu, Oana Nistor, Gabriela Vlăsceanu, Alina Dune
Probiotic bacteria are the most important microorganism group which it comes to improve consumers’ health. Since the dawn of time, and to nowadays, people have been successfully using medicinal herbs to prevent and treat diseases. The probiotic dairy product AFINOLACT seeks to combine the beneficial effects of probiotic bacteria with the therapeutic virtues of medicinal herbs. In this paper we have studied the probiotic dairy product AFINOLACT storage behavior (manufactured from cow`s milk, liquorice extract and blueberry extract), from a physico-chemical and microbiological point of view. It has been discovered that AFINOLACT does not lose its functional properties during storage (1•108 – 1•109 CFU/ml probiotic bacteria).
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