Replacement of chemical oxidant with enzyme mixture

Ionela Niculita, Camelia Arghire, Iulian Izella, Vasilica Nechita
Thanks to changes that took place in the bakery, as well as increased demand for natural products, enzymes have won an important place in recipes for bread. The latest discoveries in biotechnology have resulted in obtaining new enzyme mixture for the bakery industry.

Oxidizing agents have a useful effect on the development and quality of bread, and then on volume, structure and texture of finished products. Therefore the replacement of chemical oxidant with enzyme mixtures may have useful effects in oxidation processes control. One of the enzymes used as oxidizing agents is glucoseoxidase (β-D-glucose-piranoz-dehydrogenase or β-D-glucose: oxygen-1 oxidoreductase), a dimer flavo-enzyme which contains 2 moles of flavin-adenin-dinucleotid (FAD).

Glucose oxidase is widely used for the determination of glucose in body fluids and in removing residual glucose and oxygen from beverages and foodstuffs. Glucose oxidase producing moulds such as Aspergillus and Penicillum Species are used for the biological production of gluconic acid.
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