Quality of high-fiber wheat bread improved with rye flour

Gabriela Pop
Cereals have been considered all along the time the most important group of plants for the human existence. Bread products are also the first products included in functional food category; even Hypocrite recommends whole grains bread consumption for its positive effect upon the intestines. Although white flour (refined) obtained products hold the supremacy among consumers’ preference, according to the studies that have been carried out lately, we have reached the conclusion that whole grains flours (non-refined) are highly important. The aim of the experiments was to establish the recipes in order to obtain some high nutrition value products also with good volume and porosity using rye flour. The effects of rye flour on the quality and the crumb structure of bread supplemented with 5% to 30% were compared. Using rye flour for replacing 15 % of wheat flour and by optimizing the baking process it is possible to produce good consumer quality wheat bread containing up to 10% dietary fiber.
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