Intermittent vibration effect in the separation with sifting of mix polidisperse systems used in food industry and animal science

M.Muntean, I. Drocaş, S. Stanilã, O. Ranta, A. Molnar, O. Marian
In frequent technological processes of food industry or animal science, the use of classification, gradation, calibration or sifting operation becomes a necessity. Sifting is a mechanical operation realized through separation in granulometric factions of some polidisperse mixtures of granules and powder on the basis of particle shape and size. Sifting can be achieved as a stand-alone operation or as a preliminary operation for the preparation of raw materials for further processing operations. Sift method consists in locating the plates one in extension of another, the later having the dimensions of the orifices of the sieves arranged in ascending order. This method presents the advantage of using a small space from the sieving machine, a slight supervision and a good accessibility to perform proper maintenance operations. The vibration motion used in the separation operation can be an advantage only for some raw materials, while for the others it can be a disadvantage because of the congestion particle phenomenon on the plate surface.
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