Influence of a fungal protease on the physical properties of bread made from short gluten flours

Alexandru Stoica, Elena-Corina Popescu, Maria Iordan, Elena Bărăscu
The paper aims is to demonstrate the positive impact that the addition of a fungal protease has on some physical properties of bread (volume, porosity, elasticity) obtained from short gluten flours, with a protein network which is characterized by a high elasticity and resistance. Fungal protease, by its ability to cleavage the peptidic bonds from polypeptidic chains of protein, may be a solution to improve the quality of bread made from strong flours (replacing the chemical additives) and creates the necessary preconditions for reducing energy kneading dough. It can be assimilated into modern methods of obtaining pan bread (because of specific conditions which have been made by baking tests) which use reduced fermentation and processing times, shortening of the technological process having positive repercussions in the economic efficiency domain, too.
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