Evolution over the time of the main phenolic components of red wines of cabernet sauvignon and Merlot from Sîmbureşti – Olt vineyard

Camelia Muntean, Marin Gheorghiţă
As it is well-known, Sîmbureşti-Olt vineyard is famous for the red wines of high quality obtained from the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot noir breeds. It is also known that red wines – generally – improve radically their organoleptic characteristics as they pass through the ripening and obsolescence stages stored in wooden pots. The most important transformations which lead to the improvement of the quality of Sîmbureşti wines are connected to the ways in which the phenolic compounds are evlouating.

Within the phenolic composition of Sîmbureşti red wines, during ripening and obsolescence take place modifications related to: diminution of connected contents in complete antocians; within the antocianic complex the proportions of free antocians decrease permanently and the proportions of mixed antocians increase; the proportions of yellow and red antocians decrease permanently and in exchange the ratio between them increases, in favour of the yellow component, aspect pointed out through the values of colour tonality; the proportions of tannins mixed with the polysaccharides increase, which leads to the improvement of the gustative character.
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