The quantification of quality and health benefits of bread fortified with sodium caseinat

Mihaela Constandache, Mirela Secară, Elena Condrea
A proper appreciation of the potential benefits or adverse effects associated with nutrients and other components of food, led to the possibility of designing foods with specific characteristics, able to influence body functions, beyond their basic function, that of insuring the need for food. The aim of this study was the proteic fortification of wheat flour with sodium caseinate and the analysis of the obtained results, quantitatively and qualitatively as well, respectively in ensuring the optimal equilibrium of essential amino acids, without which the protein contribution has only a reduced efficacy. Through wheat flour fortification with 10% sodium caseinate there was a good recovery of the deficit of two essential amino acids, lysine, whose content increased from 32.64%, according to the control sample, to 65.91% according to the fortified sample, and threonine, whose intake was improved from 77.25% to 90.70%. As for the sensory aspect, the fortified product has a slight color change and a much higher volume compared with the unfortified sample.
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