The influence of some metabolits addition on fermentation process, during butter milk manufacturing

Marcel Avramiuc, Ana Leahu
In this work there was studied the addition influence of some minerals (Zn, Mg), folic acid, lactose and/or of various combinations among those biocompounds upon evolutiuon of some fermentation process indices (titratable acidity and free aminoacids content) during the 17 hours of butter milk processing. The tests accomplished at established intervals (4, 12, 15 and 17 hours) have shown an oscillating evolution of free aminoacids content, finding, in all searched variants, decrease of this index at the end of the process (after 17 hours), in comparison with the first 4 hours of thermostating process. The addition of Mg, Zn or Mg, Zn and lactose has determined increase of the free aminoacids percent within analysed samples.
In all variants, the titratable acidity of the butter milk samples has constantly risen once with thermostatic period increasing. Although the evolution of butter milk samples acidity could not be correlated with the amount or type of addition, in the end of the thermostating period (after 17 hours) the variants with folic acid and/or lactose have had higher values of this index, in comparison with the other variants and blank. Recommended as maximum value for the moment of butter milk fermentation processs interruption, the titratable acidity of 90°T has been reached and even slightly exceeded after only 12 hours of thermostating process.
Since some types and doses of additions used in this work have made possible the reduction of thermostating period, those additions could be used in milk acid products industry with this end in view, but also to turn to good account light raw material, having less content of some biocompounds.
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