Synthesis, structural and spectroscopic studies of two new Cd(II)-methyl lactate complexes in aqueous solution

P. Panagiotidis, A. Salifoglou
Cadmium is one of the most important environmental pollutants. The involvement of Cd(II) in toxic manifestations and pathological aberrations in lower and higher organisms entails interactions with low and high molecular mass biological targets. Methyl-lactate is an a-hydroxy substituted carboxylic compound with important medical and pharmaceutical applications. It is also an excellent chelator in several interaction systems with metal ions, resulting in the formation of several complexes. To understand the relevant chemistry in aqueous media as well as the biological consequences of Cd(II) toxicity, we have launched pH-dependent synthetic efforts targeting the structural speciation of the related binary Cd(II)-hydroxy carboxylate systems.
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