Researches regarding the soil contamination with heavy metals in the Banat mountains

I. Gogoasa, Gabriela Oprea, I. Gergen, Ersilia Alexa, Antoanela Cozma, Despina-Maria Bordean, Diana Moigrădean, Liana Maria Alda
In this paper we studied the distribution of some heavy metals (iron, nickel, cadmium, manganese, lead, zinc, cooper) in soil samples derived from mountain area of Banat region, Ruschita village. The soils from research area is characterized as a hilly relief and belong to the following types of soil: cambisols, rendzinas, luthisols.

The experimental results indicate that the analysed soil in research area in frame in soil natural rich in heavy metals, especially with zinc, manganese, cadmium and lead. The heavy metals distribution in researched soil horizon is variable, those concentration is situate in a very large interval, being between 4,5 ppm (for Cadmium) and 26150 ppm (for iron). In much lower concentration, than iron, have been determinate manganese (1710 ppm) and zinc (1150 ppm). The rest of the metals have been determinate in lower concentration (Chromium 74 ppm, Nickel - 43,5 ppm, Lead - 42,5 ppm, Cooper - 40,5 ppm ) or (Cadmium - 4,5 ppm), normal limits for this area.
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