Mycotoxins incidence in the Romanian malting barley (harvest 2007)

Mihaela Begea, Liliana Bălăuţă, Elena Baron, Liliana Vasilescu
The paper presents information regarding the contamination with mycotoxins of barley varieties experimentally cultivated in Romania for brewing by the Research and Development Institute for Agriculture. There are presented data regarding the incidence of the main mycotoxins (fusariotoxins (DON) and ochratoxins) of barley from 2007 harvest. The presence of these mycotoxins in barley has a negative influence on the food safety of malt and beer produced from the contaminated barley. The sdudy was performed in order to evaluate the contamination level and to select the best malting varieties. Romania adopted the European Commission regulations concerning the maximum levels for mycotoxins in different raw materials and products for human or animal consumption. The method used for the study is a direct immunoenzymatic competitive test (CD-ELISA), which allow us to obtain accurate concentrations in parts per billion (ppb). The results obtained were into the admissible limits of the present national legislation.
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