Monitoring of food supplements in Romania. Note I. Food supplements in Banat area

Gabriela Garban
Problems related to food supplements present a special interest because they are used currently for health maintenance and optimizing. Often, in depleted status of the organism, food supplements are used as complementary substances in order to maintain the physiological balance, most rigorously the «biochemical homeostasis» which defines the health status. Also, food supplements are administered to optimize health status in convalescence when the supplementation of the diet with some nutrients is very important. Currently, in such cases the use of food supplements achieves the need. A general study regarding the manufactured and marketed food supplements in Romania was performed in each county and grouped on historical areas: Banat, Moldavia, Muntenia, Ardeal. This paper will present data regarding the situation of food supplements in Banat area which comprises the counties: Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Timis. There were identified the food supplement providers from the Banat area and selected some of them for this study.
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