Influence of soluble dietary fiber extract procedure on the dynamic viscosity coefficient

A. Căpriţă, Rodica Căpriţă
Dietary fiber includes all non-starch polysaccharides resistant to digestion in the small intestine and fermentable in the large intestine. The viscosity of dietary fiber depends on their solubility and molecular weights. Solubility, in turn, depends on their chemical structure and their association with the rest of the cell wall components. The arabinoxylans not bound to the cell walls can form highly viscous solutions and they can absorb about ten times their weight of water. The viscosities of aqueous extracts of different wheat concentrations were investigated. Two extraction procedures were experimented: with (procedure 1) and without (procedure 2) deactivating the endogenous enzymes. The viscosity of aqueous wheat flour extracts is concentration dependent. A higher positive correlation (r = 0.9827) was observed in procedure 1 than in procedure 2 (r = 0.9288).
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