Determination of the microelements content of some medicinal herbs

D. S. Ştef, I. Gergen, Monica Hărmănescu, Lavinia Ştef, Mărioara Drugă, Ramona Biron, M. G. Hegheduş
Microelements, in inorganic form or bind in different combinations (Sel Plex and Fritta), action on humans and animals health, bioproductive performances and meat quality. It were analysed the microelements content for eleven medicinal plants (herbs). The analysed microelements were: Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Lead and Nickel. Mineral contents were determinate by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (F-AAS) with high resolution continuum source ContrAA 300 spectrometer. The contents in microelements for analysed samples were in range: 15.55 ppm (Phoeniculus) - 1.75 ppm (Rhamnus frangula), for Cooper; 41.30 ppm (Artemisia absinthium) - 6.44 ppm (Rhamnus frangula), for Zinc; 83.44 ppm. (Rhamnus frangula) - 25.32 ppm (Chelidonium majus), for Manganese; 175.92 ppm (Taraxacum officinale) - 21.43 ppm (Rhamnus frangula), for Iron; 1.479 ppm (Epilobium montanum) - 0.033 ppm (Plantago major), for Nickel. For Echinaceae herba was not detected Nickel content. The analyzed medicinal plants can be differentiating in three main groups, each of them characterised by appropriate metal composition.
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