Comparative study of the food products quality estimation

D. S. Ştef, M. Drugă, Lavinia Ştef, Elena Peţ, Ramona Biron, M. G. Hegheduş, G. Bujancă
The estimation of food products quality could be a problem for researchers. It is possible to have a lot of good physical and chemical determinations and the estimation of food products quality to be wrong. This was the main reason for elaborate this paper. Three methods of the food products quality estimation will be present in this study. For accomplish a practical example was choose the Telemea cheese. Five samples of the cheese were used for this analysis. The results of determinations (Stef, 2003) are presented in the full paper. Hence from these data were calculated the quality of cheese in three diversely way. There are a lot of differences among the results of three methods which are presented in this paper. There are conveniences and disadvantages for each method, the researchers have to handpick the best method for their investigations.
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