The sanitation efficiency control in a meat processing factory

Drugă Mărioara, Corina Dana Mişcă, M., Drugă, Moldovan Camelia, D. Ştef, Ş. Munteanu
Because meat and meat products represent good culture medium for microorganisms, the obtaining of healthy products requires an efficient sanitation made by standard proceedings. The goal of the study was to establish the sanitation efficiency by microbiological examination in a meat processing factory from Timişoara. To check the sanitation efficiency, there were sampled from: walls, floor, work desks, transport containers, knives, hatchets, saws, cuter, kneader, workers protection equipment and workers hands. The samples were prelevated before and after sanitation and there were determined units colonies forming (UFC) and coliforms according legislation. From the results it can be observed that, even after sanitation, excepting hatchets and faience walls, on all other studied objectives UFC was high and coliforms, excepting hatchets and faience walls, were, also, present on all studied objectives. In conclusion, we can say that the presence of microbial contamination after sanitation on some studied objectives from this meat processing factory is due to the lack of some utilities (knives disinfector, permanent warm water source at 83°C) and to the bad management concerning sanitation operations.
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