Study on some characteristics of fresh cheese with selenium

Camelia Moldovan, Eugeniu Crăiniceanu, Slaviţa Jivanov, Mihai Drugă, Mărioara Drugă, Boltea Florin, Ramona Clep
Being known the selenium request for human, in the conditions of a severe carence of selenium in Romania, the aim of this paper was to propose a new product for romanian market – fresh cheese with selenium, as „functional food” (this term does not exist in romanian legislation, the sinonim of this is „food reached with...”). It is well-known in the specialized literature the enrichment with good results of animal origin food with Se. In the majority of cases they proceeded to the enrichment of fooder with Se, finally obtaining enriched animal products (milk, eggs, meat). We added various doses of selenium in the primary matter (cow milk) used to obtain fresh cheese, strictly following the specifical technological stages of cheese manufactoring. We made several requested tests in order to homologate and launch this product on the romanian market. We efectuated only some of the tests for this purpose, not all tests. Until now we determined: acidity, pH, humidity, fats, major of mineral elements from cheese and from whey. The „fresh cheese with selenium” presented sensorial (didn’t remark major differences between basic product and the product with selenium, excepting smell) and physical-chemical characteristics similar with the product without selenium, the analized products framed within the legal limits of romanian commercial legislation. It was remarked a higher acidity of cheese samples with selenium supplement but not in whey samples.
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