Studies regarding the evolution of the infections caused by the resistant bacteria and the way they can be combated

Cristina Rusu, Clemansa Tofan, Oana Emilia Constantin
The fact that are known the contamination sources of the products, expresses the essence of an original managerial strategy, with the help of whom, the quality and the safely of these products are assured , starting with the raw material and finishing with the finite product. It is very important to study the consume of the products that were contaminated with bacteria, especially with the spared ones, in order to avoid the appearance of an infection. Some of the products that are very often contaminated with spared bacteria or with their spores are the cereals and the grits. Dehydrated potatoes contain 10%- 40% bacilli and if we speak of a number, there is a quantity smaller than10 CFU. It is probably that the bacilli that can be found in the dehydrated potatoes to be found also under the form of germs that can survive by drying the vegetal and can represent very important inoculums for the rehydrated product. Any raw material adapted at temperatures higher than 10% and smaller than 60% can allow the development of the vegetative bacili.The levels that pass 10 CFU/ g are considerated to be risky for the health of the human body and can be attained in a period of a few hours if the products are stached innapropiate between these temperatures.
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