Reserches regarding aflatoxin production in feta chesse by direct contamination with Aspergillus flavus

Otto Ketney, Mihaela Tiţa, Ovidiu Tiţa, Laura Bretan, Florin Boltea
The research conducted on the probe of Feta cheese were inoculated on one freshly cut surface with spore suspensions of Aspergillus flavus (toxigenic strain) and incubated at room temperature. Aspergillus strain genera were tested for aflatoxin production after growth on Feta cheese . Cheeses were sampled after at 0, 10,20,30 and 40 day and samples were examined by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) procedures for their content of aflatoxins B1 and G1 . After 40 days of incubation over 48% of the molds were Aspergillus species made up 2.72 to 3.95 % and 0 to 6.05 % of the mold on cheese and in the plant atmosphere, respectively. Because the physicochemical characteristics of Feta cheese (high salt medium concentration and low pH ) favor aflatoxicogenic mold growth .Aflatoxin production by Aspergillus was enhanced at a concentration of salt in Feta cheese 3,5% and at a higher concentration salt medium inhibited growth and toxin formation by both species.
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