Research on the isolation and characterisation of 3-ramno-glycoside quercitine from Rosa canina

C. Jianu, Monica Butnariu, Ileana Cocan, Cristina Rujescu, G. Bujancă, A. Rinovetz, I. Jianu
In this paper we aim at valorising natural bioactive principles from the spontaneous flora belonging to the geographical areas in Western România (Timiş and Caraş-Severin Counties) by isolating and characterising 3 – ramno – glycoside quercitine (rutin) from dog rose (Rosa canina). We accessed different solvent systems for the solid/liquid extraction (alcohols, acetone, benzene, etc.) and then we replicated re-crystallisations. We obtained yellow needle-like crystals that we characterised chemically and physically and chemically. Confirmed extraction yields and purit
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