Nutritional value of student’s diet during the university stage in faculty of food products technology from Timisoara

Mirela Ahmadi, Cosmina Papa, Ioan Teodor Traşcă, Adrian Riviş, Ariana-Bianca Velciov, Teymoor Ahmadi
The goals of our study was to analyze the results from a nutritional questionnaire special design for students from Faculty of Food Products Technology of University of Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat in Timisoara, Romania. The questioned students were in the second year of study, which lives in campus or their home, boys and girls, having between 20 and 25 years old. A total of 68 students – 20 boys and 48 girls – had answer at the same questions and participate as volunteers. Applied questionnaire was designed for observations of three aspects such as: body shape perceptions and health consequences; eating and food habits; and physical activity and students’ perception. Results from questioner were presented as percent values and some of the obtained data were presented graphically. From their answers easily we observed that boys’ goal is body shape and girls’ goal is to be thin, without any correlation with health and balance diet. Students replace fruits, vegetables and cooked meals with fast food products and worst then this they prefer to have snacks, sweets, nuts, and sugar added drinks. No correspondence was observed between optimal energy level and macro- and micronutrients in students’ diet and habits. Boys, generally, are better hydrated then girls, even if girls are more careful with their figure. Also, physical activity is present more in boys’ lifestyle then in girls’ habits – even during their student stage more girls then boys become overweight. Our results demonstrate that eating and food habits in students’ life are associated with unhealthy lifestyle, with medical consequences in time – such as obesity and diabetes. Also, we observed that students are very responsive to nutritional guidelines for a better lifestyle and good health status. We think that in schools and universities nutritionist have to present and promote health diets with the benefits and consequences of their food and eating habits, to obtain good educational results and good-health teenagers.
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