Infrared spectroscopy applied in biochemistry: Characteristic spectra of some substances present in foods and uroconcrements

Adina Avacovici, P. Drăgan, Z. Gârban
This paper presents an overview on some constituents that are decelated in the nutrients involved in the biogenesis of lithiasic concrements. There is focused on the infrared (IR) spectra of some constituents of uroconcrements. Thus, are evidenced the wavelengths and the specific spectral molecular vibrations for calculi’ constituents, e.g. uric acid, oxalic acid, oxalates, phosphates, carbonates. Results on chemical pure substances are compiled in a “data base” that is useful for the evaluation of calculi’ composition. One can distinguish the following types of lithiasis: uric, oxalic, phosphatic, cystinic. We can mention that neither the foods, nor the constituents contain a limited composition of nutrients. Currently appear mixt (binary, ternary) or simple lithiasis.
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