Dietetic flouring supplies for children nourishment

Alexa Ersilia
Is well known that the alimentation represents one of most important factor of the environment, which influence and conditionate the health of humans. If for all types of ages alimentation is an important profilactic factor, for health maintanance and also therapeutic, for treatment of some diseases, for children is the most important factor of a shapely development physical and psychical. An unproper alimentation, both deficiency and excess, reflects negatively on health and children development. The alimentation influence and develop the children psychical. Its determined, that to children who received an irrational alimentation, a decrease development of the brain activity and on speaking. One of the major problem of children nourishment is the coverage of the needs of the growing organisms with food stuff which to satisfy the qualitative and quantity necessary for energy and nutritive substances. This paper aim is the study of flouring products diversification for children nourishment, elaboration of new fabrication recipes, establishment of optimum operation parameters and identification of energetic and nutritional qualities of the products obtained, frame in actual tendency of diversification and qualitative increase of dietetic flouring products. Association of flouring food stuff with high protein value, with vegetable and fruits products which give to the final product vitamins and sugar high contribution, represents actual tendencies in children nourishment.
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