Utilisation of Industrial Enzymes to Produce Bioethanol from Autochthonous Energy Crops

I. Stroia, Mihaela Begea, P. Begea, Mariana Vlădescu
The present paper presents the data necessary to introduce and to extend at the industrial scale the utilization of a new generation of STARGEN enzymes to produce bioethanol from energy crops. In the case of Romania we can mention corn and even wheat. The effective production of the bioethanol using as raw-materials energy crops involves three main principles: 1. Utilization of one or more autochthonous renewable agricultural raw-materials specific for the location of the bioethanol plant; 2. Decreasing as much as it possible of the energy consumption both for the sweet mash producing and for the distilling and drying of the bioethanol and performing of higher ethanol yields; 3. Utilization of all wastes and by-products resulted from the bioethanol technology, in our case CO2 and cereals spent-grains. In order to decrease the energy consumption in the mashing and saccharification steps specific industrial enzymes were created that require temperature no more than 30 – 32°C for corn and 55°C for wheat. In this way the energy consumption for the heating of corn mash till 90°C for 45 minutes and for the heating of wheat mash till 75°C for 45 minutes is considerable reduced.
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