The proteins digestibility of bread fortified with different sources of protein

Mihaela Constandache
One cannot consider the protein quality only from the point of view of the composition, quantity and quality of the amino acid. Therefore, there are many elements that can influence proteins quality, their degree of use and their digestibility. The purpose of this study was to determine protein digestibility of bread fortified with five different sources of protein: pea proteinic isolated, soy degreased flour, lupine proteinic concentrate, sodium caseinate and wheat germs. The digestibility of bread proteins varied according to the type of the protein source. Finally, the conclusion was that, regardless of the protein source, the digestibility of bread protein decreased compared to the control sample. The most important decrease was obtained in the case of bread fortified with wheat germs, followed by the ones fortified with pea proteinic isolated, lupine proteinic concentrate and soy degreased flour.
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