The Analysis of Chromatic and Antioxidant Characteristics of some Red Wines from Recas Vineyard

Mariana-Atena Poiană, Diana Moigrădean
Were characterized in relation to the antioxidant and chromatic properties the red wine processing in Recas vineyard from black grapes harvested in 2004 and 2005. It was determined the total antioxidant capacity, total polyphenols content and monomeric anthocyanins amount, as well as the main chromatic characteristics for young and aged in bottle for 12 months red wines. Total antioxidant capacity it was determined by FRAP method (expressed as mM Fe2+/L). The polyphenols content it was determined by Folin-Ciocalteu method (expressed such as mM acid gallic/L). The monomeric anthocyanins it was evaluated by differential pH method and the chromatic properties by standardized method and by Glories method. The chromatic and antioxidant characteristics of red wines present the distinctive values in rapport with wine’s evolution stage and grapes variety. By ageing the antioxidant capacity decrease due to diminishing of total polyphenols content, especially monomeric anthocyanins forms. The highest values for antioxidant capacity were founding in young red wine (particularly from Cabernet Sauvignon grape’s variety). The antioxidant capacity was highly correlated with the polyphenols amount (R= 0.9774).
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