Studies Regarding Bakery Products Obtaining with Barley Bran Supplement

Domnica Ciobanu, Lăcrămioara Istrati, M. Leonte, Daniela Ionaşcu
The production of bakery products with high content of fiber by adding barley bran is an important objective through a healthy nourishing process. This paper presents researches about establishing technological parameters for bakery products with barley bran. The researches regime developed has revealed the posibilities for obtaining products by following limits: supplement of barley bran 3-9%; fermenting temperature of dough 35ºC; time of fermenting 33-35 min.; NaCl content 2%; bakery yeast was in constant proportion, respectively 5%. Results of experiments effectuated looks like: a quantity of barley bran of 12% has negative influence through reduced content of gluten; a supplement of barley bran 6-9% may be considered positive solution for nourishing and bakery products digestion.
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